WHP encompasses the entire scope of the production process from developing treatments to partnering with broadcast partner in order to produce compelling stories in science, and history that remain centered on accurate and timely scientific and historical themes.  We provide the necessary people, technical support and technology for filmmaking and content creation projects around the world including harsh remote and underwater locations. We like to think ourselves as a creative partner for science, assisting scientists acquire the imagery they need and assisting them to also document their work for the general public.


Although we focus on scientific, natural history and historical stories we also work in the traditional areas, such as entertainment and sports. We often assist in the production of shows with various networks and distribution channels as well as producing content for commercial distribution through partnerships and collaborations.   Our close association with the Advanced Imaging Lab at WHOI gives us tremendous access to imaging equipment that just doesn’t exist traditionally and allows us to provide technical support and expertise in UHDTV, VR, 3D and underwater imaging.


Our team has worked with nearly every documentary channel to date and numerous museums, science centers, theme parks and aquariums around the world.  We have a passionate and dedicated creative and technical team with decades of field experience in science, exploration and filmmaking.   Our creative and technical work can be seen on PBS, History Channel, NHK, BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, Smithsonian, CBC and numerous others across the world.

The Team

Evan Kovacs Executive Producer and Director of Photography
William Lange Executive Producer and Development
Kathryn O’Kane Director and Producer
Ryan Shepheard Post Supervisor and Editor
Maryann Kovacs 3D Modeling, Editor and Imaging Specialist
Matt Blute Cinematographer 3-D, Theatrical and 360 VR
Ritchie Stevenson Underwater Cinematographer
Mark Caroll Cinematographer


Woods Hole has been the scientific epicenter for oceanographic research for nearly 80 years. In honor of this tradition we are striving to develop a scientific arts “center” fostering a creative environment with state of the art technical facilities for producing content in natural history, science, history and other documentary and entertainment fields.   We hope to form a virtual production facility where both young and experienced filmmakers will be able to develop new means for educating and entertaining the public through compelling visuals and storytelling with a strong focus on science.  For information on how to contribute or get involved please contact WHP!